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Tiny Update April 4, 2013

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Just a tiny little update today. I added a bunch of links that I use in my teaching. These websites offer everything from craft ideas to printables to worksheets. They are a vast treasure trove of knowledge (at least for me) so check them out!


New Crafts! April 3, 2013

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Since I’ve had a few weeks off, I have been crafting like a fiend in preparation for the opening of my head start. I have a little over a week left now.



A seashell garland for the science area. I made a normal one and one covered in Martha Stewart glitter that I got on clearance at Michael’s.



Fancy paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling.



A banner covered in different sheets of colorful scrapbook paper.





And of course owls! My classroom would not be complete without owls decorating the walls. All of these ideas either came from Pinterest or Michael’s. Now I just need to tackle making curtains for my classroom and I’ll be doing good! Wish me luck!


Welcome to Florida – Life in a Bed and Breakfast March 17, 2013

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Usually when I’m on the road I am placed in a hotel, but this time I had the pleasure of staying in a bed and breakfast.


Staying in a bed and breakfast for 3 months has its pros and cons. For instance you feel more like you are at home. However, you feel like you’re trapped in a bedroom for months on end.


My Room “The Treasure Loft”

Then of course there’s the problem of have to cook out of a microwave and share a refrigerator with everyone who stays at the bed and breakfast. People with steal your food it does not matter if you write your name on it or not, if they want your food they will steal it. But it was free room and board so I guess its a small price to pay.


And I did have this lovely view from the front porch.


I’m Back! March 11, 2013

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I’m back! I did not abandon my blog after leaving Charleston. My adventures instead took me to sunny Wauchula, Florida for 3 months! Unfortunately while I was down there I did not have a reliable internet connection at the bed and breakfast I was staying in. It was however a fabulous bed and breakfast so I couldn’t really complain. What I did do down there, however, was go to Disney World twice, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, break my foot, get pneumonia, visit many exciting bars, and have a torrid love affair with a hot latino man (just kidding on the last one, my life is not quite that exciting). I shall recount my exciting three months in Florida in the weeks to come but for now I’m back home in my comfy bed preparing for my own Head Start to open. It’s good to be home!



Happy Halloween! October 31, 2012

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It is that wonderful time of year again: halloween. Being so far from home limits my options as far as halloween is concerned. But I still managed to find a way to dress up anyway: we had a party at work. I went as an eskimo which was perfect because it was freezing!

(Me about to venture forth into the cold)

This costume was hastily put together but I must say it worked. It was work appropriate and it kept me warm which was awesome. This got me to thinking about some of my past, epic halloween costumes. And they have been epic.

This is me as Goose from Top Gun in a flight suit dress. Top Gun’s an awesome movie and anytime you can be the sexy version of an awesome male movie character, well that’s ok with me. My friend is a gypsy.

The next year I went to a 80’s Zombie themed halloween party. I was Zombie Goose from Top Gun which was doubly appropriate because it’s from the 80’s and he dies in the movie. Somebody told me I was the “happiest little zombie” they’d every seen. That was the best themed party I’ve ever been to.

One year I decided to make my own costume. I have an unnatural obsession with owls so I decided to be one for halloween. It literally took me a month to make this costume. It was one of my favorite costumes ever! But this year I’m far from home. So this year instead of a party with friends I had a pony:

While one friend was texting me all night to tell me what a great party I was missing (jerk!) I had a pony with a princess:

And she’s doing a princess wave! So cute! And while everyone else is partying it up, I am an eskimo and I have a pony.

I win!


Looking for the Bright When You’re Feeling Blue October 27, 2012

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Generally when I’m on the road teaching I’m busy and excited to be in a new city. There’s lot’s of new stuff to do and lots to learn. Not to mention that I’m learning all kinds of new stuff at work. But then every now and then I have moments when I miss home. I miss my family and friends and my own bed… but mostly my family.

Me and my mom freezing.

My dad and sister, also cold. I miss those chilly people. So when those blue moments hit I must look for the bright spots. And there are a few: this place is beautiful and full of history.

This is the view from my classroom window. I look at this every morning while drinking my coffee. There’s also dolphins in the river and sail boats that occasionally sail up the river in the morning. That’s definitely something I didn’t get to see back in Sweet Home Alabama. At least not from my classroom window. I also have a beautiful view on the drive to and from work.

It blurry because it’s an action shot. (It’s very artistic really.) If that doesn’t work I just call everyone in my family and all my friends and talk to them. And if that doesn’t work I just remind myself how much money I’m making while I’m here and that is most definitely a bright spot!


Crabs in the Classroom and Other Fun Quirks October 25, 2012

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We have lots of wildlife at the home office back in Sweet Home Alabama: opossums, snakes, frogs, mice, etc. But one thing I do not have running around the grounds of the school (or my classroom) is crabs. That’s right: the little sea creatures with pincers are running around in my classroom. My first day at work one ran up my pants leg, you can imagine the dance I did. I had a child tell me one morning they couldn’t put their stuff in their cubby because there was a crab in there. When I asked another child to sit next to the bookcase during circle time she said she couldn’t because there was a crab there and both times those children were right. I’ve caught several during nap-time and chased many around on the playground with the kids.

I caught you.

And I caught you, too! This is not normal to find in a classroom, for me anyways. And then there’s this:

Starbucks inside a Piggly Wiggly. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s not exactly wildlife but it is wild. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!